About Us

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in our company.

Sentire – Unique Experiences is a brand new tourism company launching in 2018. Our concept is simple and straightforward, we aim to offer unique and innovative experiences in London.

So, why Sentire?  Sentire is a word in Latin which means ‘to feel’. It´s related to the words perceive and realize.We chose it because that´s what we want you to experience while with us, we want this to be more than a classic tour, we truly believe you should immerse yourself in what you are seeing and perceiving.

Allow yourself a moment to simply visualize what you are surrounded by. The people, the places, the views, the sounds, everything.Our guides are carefully selected based on their knowledge, experience but most important by their attitude, each of them loves what they do and always strive to provide a lively experience.

We can´t wait to have you in one of our experiences. Join one of our guides to discover a mix of fun and informative facts.

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